We ready your product for the European market

For the European market, there are numerous special legal requirements for a product. We ensure that the following criteria are satisfied:

  • CE marking, registrations at recycling registers, user manual: What requirements must your product meet when you import it into the EU?
  • What documentation do you need as a manufacturer in the EU market?
  • Which product labels and test seals are required for the European market?
  • What mandatory information must be included on the packaging?
  • With which regulatory bodies do you need to register?

With your cooperation, we guide you through the documentation jungle, check the requirements for your product and take care of all the necessary documentation and registration obligations.

We provide full service

For your product, we: 

  • prepare the approval documentation for the European market
  • ensure that it receives the CE mark and the other required product markings
  • ensure that the operating instructions comply with the European specifications
  • coordinate the contact with testing bodies, if necessary
  • take care of registration in the necessary registers
  • act as your officially appointed representative to the European authorities ("Authorized Representative" according to CE regulations)

Why work with us?

  • We work closely with you in a practical and straightforward manner
  • We not only advise you, but actually create the required documentation for you
  • Our legal expertise enables us to develop lean and cost-effective solutions custom-tailored to your needs instead of following an "off-the-shelf" scheme
  • We are a one-stop-shop, you get everything you need to put your product on the EU market, so you don't have to deal with dozens of regulatory bodies

Contact us

If you would like assistance in getting your product ready for the European market, or have questions about placing your product on the European market, contact us right away.


You want to introduce your product into the EU?

We support and advise you in all technical and legal matters regarding product compliance.

We check the European requirements applicable to your product and tell you whether and how your product needs to be technically adapted to meet European market regulations.

We carry out the complete CE conformity assessment and legally compliant documentation process for you, or we review and complete your existing documentation – as you require.   

Unlike many official inspection bodies, we create the certification documents in cooperation with you and not over your head - from risk assessment to operating instructions to the declaration of conformity, we ensure a legally compliant documentation concept tailored to your needs. 

We inform you which labels and information belongs on your product and its packaging.

We register your product with the necessary product registers.

Carrying out the CE conformity assessment (complete or individual modules)

  • Investigation of the applicable European requirements
  • Drafting of the risk assessment
  • Review of the operating instructions for required safety instructions and legally prescribed mandatory content
  • Compilation of any other legally required technical documentation in accordance with the relevant CE directives
  • Carrying out the necessary tests or supporting the manufacturer so that he can carry out the tests themselves, including validating them in accordance with the law
  • Issuing the declaration of conformity
  • Performing the task of the authorized document representative and the authorized representative
  • As far as required, coordination of testing laboratories
  • Registration in mandatory European registers

Contact us

If you would like assistance in getting your product ready for the European market, or have questions about placing your product on the European market, contact us right away.


Who we are: know-how from lawyers and technicians

Everything starts with an idea. With us it is no different. To properly evaluate a machine, technicians often need lawyers and lawyers need technicians. Why not combine the know-how from both areas and offer it from a single source? The idea was inspiring and soon, from that idea our company was born.

By combining technical and legal know-how, we are able to offer legally compliant and technically sophisticated solutions as well as the legally required documentation. Our goal as a specialized service provider is to offer bespoke and cost-effective solutions while establishing new standards for clear and comprehensible documentation.

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